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Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: HRB_01 P/N:900004
Rear Heavy dutbumper is made of 3 mm thick TATA Cr Steel, preciosion laser cut, treated for long lasting life, Black texture finish with pure polyester powder coating...
Ex Tax:₹20,000.00
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: HRS_01 P/N:900003
Toyota Hilux heavy duty Rock sliders are made out of TATA make 2 mm thick CR tube, Finished with Pure polyester Black colour Texture Finish Powder coating. For long lasting finishing all pre finishing procedures followed. Top part is covered with Natural Anodised Aluminium Dimple designed Sheet. ..
Ex Tax:₹20,000.00
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: HUVP_01 P/N:900005
The underbody of your vehicle is extremely susceptible to damage when it comes to taking your vehicle off road. Most 4wd’s are fitted with factory Thin protection plates (bash plates) which help protect from stone damage, dust & dirt etc. Here at Swastikfabs, we feel there is a need for a more robus..
Ex Tax:₹28,500.00
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: MCRH_20 P/N:610144
Available in Red and Black. specify which colour you want...
Ex Tax:₹5,500.00
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: GSS_01 P/N:250923
If you like to splash in the water every weekend or once in a year,This is the Ultimate Hydrolock protection for your gypsy engine. We have snorkels on our Jeeps,Thar and Gypsy,We believe in them, they have saved our engines  countless times.This is good engine insurance, wo..
Ex Tax:₹10,000.00
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: 550923
Off-road ditch lights are a type of auxiliary light that is commonly used on trucks and SUVs. They are mounted on the hood hinge of a vehicle, and they provide additional light when driving in off-road conditions. Ditch lights can be extremely helpful when driving at night or in areas with poor visi..
Ex Tax:₹3,500.00
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: 550924
The Heavy-Duty Tow Bar for the Toyota Hilux is A practical piece of kit for your favourite pickup truck. Includes all bolts and fixings necessary. Inbuilt receiver hitch for 50mm towing hitches. Max Towing Weigh: 4 tonnes. Very easy to fit, clean and maintain. No drilling required! The brackets inst..
Ex Tax:₹12,000.00
Jeep Wrangler Style Front Bumper for Mahindra Thar 2020 Jeep Wrangler Style Front Bumper for Mahindra Thar 2020
New Out Of Stock
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: CH-2
This Full Set Stamped Steel bumper provides a great protection and tough look to your NEW Thar while accommodating factory fog lights, and includes Fiber fender cover, Winch plate, all mounting brackets for easy installation. Can be fitted along with Swastikfabs Radiator guard and swastikfabs under ..
Ex Tax:₹43,000.00
Jimny ABS Rear Windshield Heater Cable Cover.(Mat Carbon Fiber Finish) Jimny ABS Rear Windshield Heater Cable Cover.(Mat Carbon Fiber Finish)
New -38 %
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: 570027
A-Suitable for Suzuki Jimny 5 doors. B-These Rear Defogger Guards protect the exposed rear windscreen heater wires and plugs on the latest Suzuki Jimny that can easily be damaged by loading/unloading bulky items or by luggage moving around while driving. C-They are supplied with double-sided 3 M Mak..
₹999.00 ₹1,599.00
Ex Tax:₹999.00
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: 570025
Swastikfabs Made battery trey to accomodate bigger size battery like 70 AH inside engine bay, No need to upgrade any other electrical items. Battery trey PACKAGE includes all the necessary HARD WARE ITEMS needed for this upgrade. CAn Accomodate Any brand DIN 70 Ah battery...
Ex Tax:₹4,500.00
Manufacturer: SWASTIK FABS Model: 570024
Jimny metal front bumper Winch compatible up to 8000 pounds, designed to give extra clearance to accomodate bigger tires, sleek design, gives extra approach angle, at the same time protects fenders and radiator from all the stones and rocks...
Ex Tax:₹25,000.00
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