DielseTRONIC by Race Dynamics

Race Dynamics introduces DieselTRONIC-Off Road for Thar: Making your Thar off-road ready is now a whole lot easier with the Off-Road version of DieselTRONIC.

The 4 wirelessly switchable modes have been recalibrated to cope with any terrain; be it street, slush, snow or steep gradients.

The Easy Crawler (E) mode has been configured to reduce turbo surge, eliminating the loss in traction due to turbo boost. The DieselTRONIC off-road series is designed to be reliably waterproof with fully polyurethane coated electronics. OEM grade connectors Plug-in to ensure installation is convenient without voiding vehicle warranty. 

Off-road Specific features:

  1. fully waterproof enclosure
  2. Higher performance in all modes
  3. Remapped Crawler (E) mode for reduced turbo surge/flat torque curve

Performance figures* are as follows:

  1. S - Stock: 96hp | 250Nm
  2. P1 - (Medium Performance): 108hp | 270Nm
  3. P2 - (High Performance): 116hp | 305Nm
  4. E - (Easy Crawler): 73hp | 160Nm

DieselTRONIC Off-road will be available at an MRP of Rs. 22,000/- with a 2 year replacement warranty.